"There is no safe level of mercury exposure”


Friberg,1991, World Health Organisation
(World Health Organisation Environmental Health Criteria 118, Inorganic Mercury)


The special interest of our practice is the safe removal of amalgam fillings. The following outlines the steps involved in the removal process.



We start with a thorough consultation and discuss your needs and concerns. A full dental exam with X-Rays and galvanic readings is undertaken before we discuss the treatment options with you. An individual treatment plan is then prepared which includes options, costs, sequence and full details of procedures.


Amalgam Removal Protocols

During amalgam removal a person can be exposed to considerable amounts of mercury if protective systems are not utilized. We follow the IAOMT protocol for safe amalgam removal with the following steps:


Mandatory Rubber Dam
A rubber dam is a protective barrier placed over the teeth during amalgam removal. It prevents the slurry of removed amalgam being swallowed and together with high speed suction and high volume water irrigation helps minimise exposure to the aerosol that removing fillings produces.


Alternative Air Supply & Charcoal Filtration System
During amalgam removal a small nose piece is placed over the patients nose delivering a pure air supply. This further minimises exposure to any mist or vapours produced during amalgam removal. Our surgery is also fitted with a charcoal air filtration unit to protect you (and us!) even further.


Protective Eyeware
We insist that patients wear safety glasses during the amalgam removal process to ensure that any splashes of small debris do not come in contact with the eye.




During the removal of your amalgam fillings we can provide intravenous Vitamin C and it is recommended that you arrange a nutritional mercury detox programme with your health care provider. We work closely with several holistic health care practioners and can arrange a referral if necessary.



You'll look great afterward and enjoy the peace of mind knowing that you no longer have amalgam in your teeth.


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